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Dentists helping dentists succeed with clear aligners

Clear Aligner Treatment Planning

We help you achieve realistic, safe and predictable treatment results: 

- Case selection
- Ortho-restorative planning
- ClinCheck/Setup improvements
- Mentor support from start to finish

Pick and choose what suits your needs

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Computer Store

It's easy.



  1. Create the patient profile in your doctor portal. (We work with the major clear aligner systems such as: Invisalign, Clear Correct & Sure Smile)

  2. Upload the photos to your doctor portal.

  3. Upload your intraoral scan or ship your impressions.

  4. Write us an email about your treatment objectives or submit your data directly at

  5. Approve the final treatment setup.



  1. Work out your treatment plan

  2. Fill out your prescription based on the diagnostic data we have available (Your description, photos and IO scans/impressions)

  3. Perform all corrections, idealise the plan, the sequence, the movements, the attachments/engagers, the anchorage, the IPR, etc. 

  4. Send you an email when your plan is ready for your approval.

  5. Support you and your team throughout the entire treatment.

A dedicated expert will help develop and review your clear aligner treatment plan.


We ensure you receive a comprehensive treatment plan, identify challenging movements, maximize efficiency, and avoid treatment pitfalls.


Helle Hatt aligner service

Your dental practice needs to run easily and profitably. 

Treating patients with clear alingers is professionally correct.
One should just not underestimate that there is a reason why it takes 3-4 years to become an orthodontist. 

Let an online clear aligner expert do your case evaluation, help you create your ortho-restorative treatment plans, optimise your ClinChecks/setups and guide you or your team throughout the entire treatment.
Or pick the services you feel you need to make your life in the dental office easier and more profitable.

We are ONLY dentists and orthodontists helping you with dedicated support. 

In this way you will achieve:
Clinical confidence
You can perform any type of clear aligner treatment - biologically safe, realistically, predictably and more profitable. Whether you use Invisalign, ClearCorrect or Sure Smile we will help you.
Expert Help
Not from technicians or supporters but from dentists with heavy orthodontic experience. All backed up by dr. Helle Hatt who is responsible for the AlignerService quality.

Dr. Hatt is Europes most experienced clear aligner expert, both clinically and technically. Dr. Hatt has improved more than 10.000 clear aligner treatment plans for both dentists and orthodontists. 

You will experience a consistent systematic process - without waiting times.

AlignerService enables you to delegate most of the clear aligner workflow to your team.

Free up lots of chair time, improve your profitability and make it more fun to practice dentistry. 

Dedicated support
Pick a dentist or orthodontist from our team and we will make sure you keep receiving all your support from this person.

Dedicated and personalised support when you or your team need it.

Make your clear aligner treatments will turn out as planned evert time.
AlignerService allows you to safely delegate the majority of your clear aligner workflow to your team. During the treatment, you and your team can use AlignerService as your in-house aligner expert online.

You will always have competent help at your fingertips, freeing up resources, enabling you to focus on other profitable procedures in your practice.

Concentrate on communicating your desired end result to us, confirm the treatment plan and perform the IPR (our recommendation). We do the rest for you, in collaboration with your team.

Profitable results
Based on the experience of training 1700 dentists and working with 1500+ dental clinics in 15 different countries, we are able to design and deliver training for both dentists and their teams that provides clinical confidence, predictable and profitable results.

We will even help you improve the patient communication increasing your case acceptance rate. 


Do you need more experience or knowledge about clear aligners? 

Would you like a more profitable practice?

With our help you will have a personal expert at your hand whenever you need clinical- or technical advice. 

We will help you with everything from clinical tips & tricks to comprehensive treatment planning.

Jesper Hatt DDS training a dental team member


We are dentists & orthodontists working with clear aligners since 2008. 

Helle has been clinical advisor for both Invisalign and Clear Correct at Straumann.

We are supporting dental practices in 15 different countries.

Helle Hatt Business Portrait


Founder, Consultant & Dentist

  • Former clinical advisor for Invisalign with responsibility for Scandinavia

  • Formerly responsible for all clinical support for Clear Correct in Europe

  • Has educated and trained all of Straumann's clinical support in Europe

  • Helped over 1500 dentists with more than 10.000 treatment plans.

  • Trained 1000+ colleagues in clinical use of clear aligners

  • Designed all online training material for ClearCorrect

  • Clear aligner expert - technical and clinical

  • 10 years of clinical experience with clear aligners

  • Private practice owner for 10 years

Direct phone number: (+41) 79 174 30 03‬

Tandlæge Jesper Hatt DDS


Co-founder, Consultant & Dentist

  • Aligner workflows

  • Patient communication

  • Practice management

  • International KaVoKerr key opinion leader for 9 years

  • Advising dentists and the dental industry since 2012

  • 10 years of private practice ownership

  • Leading dentist in DSO practice for 2 years

  • 14 years of experience as a teacher and coach

Direct phone number: (+41) 78 268 00 78

Yazmina orthodontist AlignerService


  • Digital orthodontic diagnostics

  • Treatment planning

  • Modifying Setups/Clincheck's for realistic & predictable results

  • Founder of center for digital cephalometric analysis

  • Extensive clinical orthodontic experience

  • Spanish & English support


  • Solo Practices

  • Large clinics with more than 20 dentists

  • Dentists with 0-40 years of experience

  • DSO practices

  • Universities

  • The dental industry

We currently have customers in 16 different countries:

Denmark, Norway, Sweeden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Hongkong, Spain, United Kingdom, India, USA, Canada, Australia


Bernerstrasse 11

5400 Baden



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