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Clarion Hotel® Oslo

Oslo - Patient communication 2.0

Is your clinical success reflected on your bottom line? Learn to communicate with your patients in ways that make them desire the treatment they need. Bring your hygienist and reap the benefits of a team approach.

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Oslo - Patient communication 2.0
Oslo - Patient communication 2.0

Tid & Sted

10. maj 2023, 17.00 – 21.00 CEST

Clarion Hotel® Oslo, Dronning Eufemias gate 15, 0191 Oslo, Norge


Intended for: dentists, dental assistants & dental hygienists

Category: patient communication  & case acceptance

Stop spending time and effort preparing a complex treatment plan. Only to find the patient asking for a compromise, or a cheaper solution. This course enables you to present comprehensive treatment solutions in ways that make your patients desire your recommendet treatment. 

After this course you no longer have to listen to patients saying things like: "I'll think about it"...

From quadrant dentistry to full mouth reconstructions, including implants and clear aligners, you and your team will become confident presenting the right treatment solution to your patients.  

Learning objectives

  • Prerequisites for treatment acceptance
  • Drop the scripts and do this instead
  • How, when and where you will have the greatest impact on case acceptance and why
  • The difference between new and existing patients
  • Important distinctions between simple and complex cases
  • How to prepare powerful treatment presentations in 5 minutes
  • Become comfortable presenting high fees
  • Achieve patient commitment and start treatment
  • 3 easy follow-up strategies increasing acceptance
  • Lots of practical tips & tricks

Learn how you and your team can help infuence your patients in positive ways, that make them desire the very best treatment - Instead of focusing on the price. With a series of practical exercises during the day, you will feel comfortable using the techniques returning to your practice.

The process shows a number of small improvements, each of which has a significant impact on treatment acceptance. You can use each element separately, or combine them to suit your personal preferences. 

Get to yes - sign up today and claim your spot at the only course guarantied to pay for itsef within a week.

Language: English


Jesper Hatt DDS

Private practice owner for more than 12 years

Founding partner of Hatt Consulitng GmbH and

International KaVo key opinionleader on digital workflows for 9 years.

Collaborating with Straumann Group since 2019

Customers in 14 different countries.

We serve lunch, softdrinks, coffee, tea, cake, fruit, etc. during the breaks.

Previous participants say:

"This is the best course I have ever attended".

"The week after the course 3 patients agreed to treatment totaling 43.000,- € I've never done that before!"

"We doubled our production within a month and have kept growing ever since"



This is a collaborative event between Straumann Group, Hatt Consulting and

Together we strive to give you a great experience.

Note. We may take photos for future marketing.

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