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Smart Start med ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect - Comprehensive

Start smart med ClearCorrect og undgå de klassiske faldgruber, når du begynder at behandle patienter med clear aligners. 


Dette kursus gør dig i stand til at opnå realistiske, biologisk sikre og forudsigelige behandlingsresultater.

Workflow'et udarbejdet af AlignerService sikrer dig klinisk tryghed med det samme og er nem at implementere i enhver travl klinik.


Course overview

Day one (English)

Experience how you can build efficient and stress free workflows. Without compromising on patient safety.

This course gives you a practical step-by-step guide to help you achieve realistic, safe and predictable results with ClearCorrect.


We review how to select the right patients, collect all relevant information to be able to develop a biologically safe, realistic and predictable treatment plan, as well as how to manage the patients in practice. Not only when everything goes according to plan, but also what to do if a treatment has tracking issues.


Remember to bring your hygienist or dental assistant as this will enable you to align and delegate more tasks to your team, freeing up precious chairtime.

Day two (Dutch)
This is a combination of the most needed skills needed to start treating patients with clear aligners: 

Facially generated treatment planning and case presentation.  


This course is perfect for general practitioners with experience in treating their patients with ClearCorrect or those dental teams who have already participated in the Smart Start course (or day one).

Facially generated treatment planning
The ortho-restorative part teaches dentists and their team how to deliver a complete solution to their patients by combining orthodontic treatments with implants and restorative dentistry. All to ensure a beautiful smile.  

The methods taught focus on providing safe and ethical dentistry. Participants will learn how to plan and finish orthodontic-restorative cases.

Patient communication - a pitfall in your practice?

Participants will learn how to motivate new and existing patients to start comprehensive treatment with clear aligners, implants and prosthodontics.

Joyce will guide you through her workflow and show the opportunities many clinicians do not see. You will be shown how to be open about fees, treatment time and the benefits of treatment over time. She will send you home with tips and tricks on how to talk more about aligners and some general communication guidelines that are easy for you to implement in your daily work.

This course will give you examples of the hygienist as the main source of comprehensive treatment referrals as well as show you how everyone in the team can create awareness and interest. 

Program day 1


  • Foundation for succes with ClearCorrect

  • Patient identification

  • Case selection

  • IO-scan/impressions
    Data handling

  • Dental photography & Doctor portal


  • Orthodontic diagnostics

  • Treatment planning

  • Clinical handling of engagers and IPR 

  • Delivery, Tracking and Corrections.

  • Restorative finishing, Retention

  • Sustainable branding

  • Implementation and next steps

Program day 2


  • Facially generated treatment plans

  • Simple diagnostic and planning tools

  • Realistic, Safe and Predictable treatment

  • Restoratively driven treatment planning

  • Simple ways to expand the toolbox


  • Patient communication

  • Growing your numbers

  • How to make patients say "YES"

  • Following up

  • Why people will always accept comprehensive treatment

Smart Start ClearCorrect

  • Antwerpen - ClearCorrect comprehensive start
    Antwerpen - ClearCorrect comprehensive start
    fre. 24. maj
    Van der valk hotel Antwerpen
    24. maj 2024 09.00 CEST – 25. maj 2024 16.00 CEST
    Van der valk hotel Antwerpen, Luitenant Lippenslaan 66, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium
    ClearCorrect two day event. Day one: Start Smart - Case selection, diagnosis, treatment planning, setup correction, and clinical management. Day two: The ortho-restorative connection and patient communication.

Meet the speakers

Jesper Hatt DDS 

  • Private practice owner for 12 years in Denmark

  • International speaker and hands-on instructor

  • Has been treating patients with clear aligners since 2008.

  • International key opinionleader in 9 years on digital workflows for kaVo.

  • Has been helping dentists and the dental industry improve their businesses since 2019.

  • Co-Founder of AlignerService providing clear aligner support and supporting dentists in 15 different countries.


Jasper Thoolen DDS 

Graduated as a dentist from the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) in 2016.

He currently works at Lassus Tandartsen Oisterwijk. His main focus is on restorative and reconstructive dentistry, digital smile design and digital workflows including orthodontics and implantology.

Jasper is a renowned international speaker. Besides working chair time he is also an author for a variety of dental magazines and key-opinion-leader for some well respected dental companies.

Jasper is one of the five founders of the online education movement Karma.Dentistry.


Joyce Van Loock
Dental hygienist

  • Member of the board of BBM (belgian association of oral hygienists)

  • Clinical coordinator at UCLL for internships at UZ Leuven

  • Co-Owner of a dental practice treating 150+ patients annually with ClearCorrect and place 350+ implants

  • Speaker for Straumann (clearcorrrect-implantology-hygiene protocols)

  • First CBCT certified oral hygienist in Belgium

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