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Smartphone Dental Light is the perfect dental accessory for your smartphone. The SDL features two High CRI 95+ LED panels that have 8 levels 
of brightness.


The lowest brightness setting is ideal for dental photography and the built-in lithium-ion batteries last 6+ hours of continuous use at this setting. Higher power levels are perfect for video where you are further from the subject. A power level scale lets you know the status of the battery level.

The panels include removable diffusers.

The LED panels have swivel hinges to allow you to position them for different types of illumination. The universal mount allows most phones (55mm to 85mm) to be securely attached.


The grip includes a bluetooth trigger to function as a pistol grip for one handed photography. This helps if you are holding a mirror or retractor in the other hand.

SmartPhone Dental Light SDL

€ 375,00Pris
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