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Act before January 26, and I'll gladly assist you in evaluating a case and optimizing your ClinCheck/digital setup at no cost.

I'm eager to assist you in streamlining your process and achieving consistent clear aligner results.

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My Story

As a Dentist and past Clinical Advisor for Invisalign UK within the Ortho Specialist Channel for nine years, I understand crafting effective treatment plans for orthodontic cases.

Currently, I'm privileged to work closely with Dr. Helle Hatt and Dr. Jesper Hatt, Europe’s Clear Aligner Experts, specializing in various aligner systems like Invisalign, Clear Correct, Spark, and Sure Smile for over 10 years. We're more than willing to delve into discussions about any other Clear Aligner Case you may have in mind.


To support your practice, we're offering complimentary Case Evaluations within 24 hours. 

Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive clinical support and mentoring throughout the treatment process. You'll have access to our online clinical support, offering step-by-step guidance for new cases or additional aligners.


Our website highlights the next steps in detail: 


We offer personalized support through dedicated clinicians to optimize all your cases, adult or growing patients.  We're committed to providing precise case diagnosis, tailored treatment plans, Clincheck setup adjustments, improving treatment effectiveness, managing complications, foreseeing and addressing challenges, enhancing patient communication, and fostering continuous learning and development.


The Clear Aligner companies have paved a more accessible route for Clinicians in providing Orthodontic treatment. Our commitment is centered on ensuring exceptional quality assurance through meticulous treatment planning and fostering patient-centered care.


I'm eager to explore how our collaboration can seamlessly complement your practice. Please let us know if you want us to work together to accelerate your practice growth.

Thank you for considering this partnership opportunity.


Our best wishes for a great 2024!


Dr. Priyanka Cherian

Mobile: +44-(0)7846282827

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