Boost your clear aligner competence

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With ClearCorrect

Master ClearCorrect or ClearCorrect Master?

Avoid starting cases that don't turn out as expected.


Join this course and get the basic tools needed to achieve clinical confidence and efficient and profitable workflows with clear aligners.

Duration: 8 hours

In collaboration with ClearCorrect 

Vand Ripple


patient communication 2.0

Make more patients want to invest in the treatment they need. 

In ways that make them pay a fair price with gratitude.


This is the only dental course guarantied to give you a multiple return on investment

within a week!

Duration: 8 hours

In collaboration with Straumann Group


For general practitioners 


How to select the right patients for clear aligner treatment in private practice.

Easy integration of clear aligner treatments into your practice workflow. 

How to submit cases and what you should be aware of doing so, in order to get more predictable results. 

Duration: 8 hours.


For general practitioners .

Improve your treatment plans and handle deviations effectively during treatment. You will become familiar with different anchorage strategies and deepen your understanding of tooth movenemts. We will show you tips and tricks to improve and accelerate your clear aligner treatments. 

Bring your own clear aligner cases and get professional feedback.

Duration: 8 hours