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Patient communication

Patient communication 2.0

Clear aligner case acceptance

Target group:

Dentists, Hygienists & Dental Assistants



This course is ideal for the dental teams, that want more patients desiring ideal treatment with clear aligners, implants, crowns and bridges and who pay a fair fee with gratitude. 

You will receive a number of helpful written guides and templates, that make it easier for you and your team to find out what your patients desire, communicate treatment plans in a way that makes them want ideal treatment and a template for the price presentation that removes the financial barriers and patients asking for a discount. 

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Course overview

Patient communication - a pitfall in your practice?

Participants will learn how to motivate new and existing patients to start comprehensive treatment with clear aligners, implants and prosthodontics.

Jesper will guide you through the workflow and show opportunities many clinicians do not see. You will be shown how to lead conversations in a way that make patients desire the treatment they need. Handling treatment presentation, emotional impact, high fees, payment solutions, closing deals and following up will all be covered. The comprehensive course will give you lots of tips and tricks on how to start more conversations about comprehensive dentistry including implants, clear aligners and aesthetic treatments. In addition you will receive general communication guidelines that are easy for you to implement in your daily work.

This course will give you examples of the hygienist as the main source of comprehensive treatment referrals as well as show you how everyone in the team can create awareness and interest. 


Part one

  • Foundation for success

  • Hands-on exercise

  • The communication triangle

  • Activating all kinds of patients

  • Golden questions

  • A proactive approach

  • Creating desire for ideal treatment

Part two 

  • Comprehensive treatment presentation

    • Where​ & how

    • Tools that help

  • The easy approach
  • Presenting high fees
  • Payment plans or not?
  • Follow up
  • Succesfull tomorrow!
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We are moving this course online

Making it 



Meet the speaker

Jesper Hatt DDS 

  • Graduated as dentist in 2003 in Denmark

  • Private practice owner for 12 years

  • Full time business advisor for private practices and the dental industry since 2018

  • International speaker

  • International key opinionleader in 9 years on digital workflows for kaVo.

  • Co-Founder of AlignerService supporting dentists in 16 different countries.

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