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Helsinki - Next level orthodontics

Get better at selecting the right ClearCorrect patients, performing orthodontic diagnostics and making an orthodontic treatment plan. This course takes you to the next level in your treatments with clear aligners.

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Helsinki - Next level orthodontics
Helsinki - Next level orthodontics

Wann & wo?

22. Sept. 2023, 09:00 – 16:00

Helsingfors, Helsingfors, Finland


Target group: General practitioners

Category: ClearCorrect

Language: English

Get better at treating your patients safely and predictably with ClearCorrect. 

In this course, we will review a number of orthodontic principles that will give you a solid understanding of the biomechanics we utilize when straightening teeth. This will give you a better foundation for diagnostics and treatment planning, and ultimately the ability to begin to see for yourself which patients are easy and which are difficult to treat with clear aligners, and which you should refer to an orthodontist.  

With an understanding of the principles of biomechanics and biophysics in the orthodontic context, it becomes easier to see when and where to place attachments, use elastics, divide your treatment into phases, or otherwise work around the natural limitations of software and aligners alone.

Register for the course and get the tools you need to achieve greater clinical confidence with clear aligners in general practice.


  • Better orthodontic diagnostics
  • Understanding biomechanics and biophysics
  • Predictability of digital treatment plans
  • Engagers (Attachments), elastics, buttons, cutouts, staging, etc. where, when and why?
  • Clinical confidence with ClearCorrect - how?

Throughout the day you will experience a lively and inspiring lecturer with massive experience with everything from fixed appliances to several different clear aligner systems. You will see how a number of small steps can be easily implemented in your everyday life and improve diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, there are of course a lot of clinical tips and tricks from a general practitioner with a specialist background, who works with ClearCorrect on a daily basis. 


There will be a series of hands-on exercises


  • Course fee, teaching material, lunch, snacks, cake, coffee, tea and fun.


Idelis Nunez Beck DDS

Former Invisalign Diamnond provider

Treating patients with clear aligners since 2006.

ClearCorrect key opinionleader

AlignerService provider

This course is offered in collaboration between Straumann ClearCorrect and

Together we strive to give you great experiences with ClearCorrect.

Note. We may take photos for future marketing during the course day.


  • Next level ortho

    This ticket includes: course fee, all materials, lunch, snacks and soft drinks.

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