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Bonding attachments to porcelain crowns

Have you ever had to bond attchments to porcelain?

A lot of doctors experience how composite attachments debond from the porcelain surface once bonded into place.

In this blog post we reveal our protocol, that worked for us throughout the entire treatment:

Micro brush adding silane to a porcelain crown

Attachment bonding protocol for porcelain surfaces

  1. Place a large dry tip in each cheek.

  2. Place an optragate from Ivoclar

  3. Sandblast the porcelain with aluminum oxide - we preferred using the KaVo Rondoflex for this.

  4. Add Ultradent porcelain etch (9% buffered hydrofuoric acid) to the porcelain surface you want to bond to. Let it sit for at least 60 seconds (Use a stopwatch) and make sure the patient does not get in touch with the material.

  5. Rinse thoroughly with lots of water.

  6. From now on no saliva may get in contact with the porcelain surface before the attahcment has been cemented. No saliva at all!

  7. Add Ivoclar Monobond plus and let it air dry for at least 60 seconds - use a stopwatch. Avoid pooling of the material. Use a thin coat. (This is one of the few silane materials that is not degenerating within a week or two by getting into contact with oxygen = right after opening the first time).

  8. Make sure the surface is dry.

  9. Optional. We added a thin layer of optibond bonding (bottle no. 2), to make sure there was as much composite as possible creating a chemical bond to the porcelain.

  10. Use flowable composite with a high filler content in the aligner template. Place the template and cure for at least 10 seconds. The most essential part in making this work is this: Follow the protocol meticulously!

Do NOT use a phosphoric acid to rinse the porcelain!

Use a stopwatch!

All too often we think we apply the various chemicals according to the protocol. But in reality we don't! With this protocol only 1 in 10 attachments debonded in our practice.

If my team could do it. I am convinced you can do it too😊

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