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Realistic & Predictable Clear Aligner Outcomes


Clear Aligner
Treatment Planning Service

With our team of accomplished dentists you always have a clear aligner expert in-house online in your dental pracitce

  • Complimentary case evaluation

  • Orthodontic diagnostics

  • Ortho-restorative treatment planning

  • ClinCheck/Setup optimisation

  • Online education

  • Practice development

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Complimentary case evaluation

By dentists for dentists

Within 24 hours


Create treatmentplan

Treatment Planning Support



Upload your photos and X-rays to your preferred clear aligner Doctor site.  

Send us an email with the case number and your thoughts about treatment. 

Within 24 hours, our team of skilled dentists will email you an assessment categorizing the case as either "easy," "moderate," "complex," or "referral."

Additionally, they will provide a brief explanation for their categorization.


  • Case evaluation is complimentary.

Simply fill out the form above to start.

two dentists evaluating a series of clinical photos of a patients teeth
Case evaluation



Save time and money!

Save approximately 4-5 hours of chair time during the aligner treatment.

Orthodontic treatment plan

Let the expert dentists at AlignerService make the orthodontic assessment and work out an orthodontic treatment plan in collaboration with you.


Simply inform us what you and your patient want to achieve and we work out a plan from there. 

Optimisation included

We take over the communication with your aligner manufacturer and idealize:

  • The virtual treatment plan

  • Treatment sequences

  • Attachment/engager design and placement

  • IPR.


All according to your treatment objectives.


During the entire treatment you have access to expert guidance. 

Including planning of additional aligners.


This ensures a realistic, safe and predictable treatment outcome

  • €204

Your service inclues:

  • A dedicated clear aligner expert (Dentist or orthodontist) handling all your cases.

  • Free case assessment based on your photos of the patient.
    (3 facial, 5 intraoral)

  • Treatment planning including any changes in ClinCheck/Treatment setup
    (Invisalign, ClearCorrect, Angel Aligners, TrioClear, Sure Smile or Spark).

  • 1x ClinCheck®/Treatment setup in case you need additional aligners or a revision.

  • Dr. Helle Hatt and her teams expertise

  • Clinical advice until treatment is completed.​

Ortho-restorative treatment plan including a DSD

In addition. Why not receive a comprehensive treatment plan and a Digital Smile Design?


This includes both the orthodontic treatment planning support and recommendations for a post-ortho restorative treatment plan for your patient. 

  • €299

Digital Smile Design by AlignerService
Treatment Planning Service



Live one-on-one Expert Guidance 

Your general dental practice is likely running efficiently at a high daily pace. For most dentists, lack of time is the biggest challenge when implementing an efficient and profitable clear aligner workflow. There are so many new elements to implement and so much knowledge to learn that it can feel overwhelming and stressful. 


When a dentist is treating teeth and leading a dental practice at the same time, there is rarely time to make such a comprehensive workflow work safely and efficiently. Trying to do so often ends up compromising time for life outside the dental practice.


It's not a sustainable situation. 

That's why AlignerService helps dentists in 19 different countries implement profitable clear aligner workflows that free up time for the dentist. 


Here's how it works: 

  1. You spend an hour online with Dr Jesper Hatt performing a comprehensive evaluation of your situation, your dreams and your goals. 

  2. Together you create an action plan

  3. you talk regularly during the time it takes you to implement the desired changes in your dental practice.


Book an appointment now and get started. 

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Dental practices that don't get started often find that: 

  • The practice owner is stressed

  • Too few patients accept treatment

  • The clear aligner workflow requires a lot of resources

  • It is not profitable to perform clear aligner treatments


Dental practices we work with often experience that they: 

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Avoid frustrations

  • Have a team that takes responsibility

  • Achieve their goals 

  • From: €499

Practice development


Assurance - if you prefer to do the treatment planning yourself

Obtain an orthodontic evaluation crafted by our orthodontists, facilitating your ability to independently develop the treatment plan.


This is a great solution if you want to improve your orthodontic skills. 

Additionally, you have the choice to request a cephalometric analysis from us.

  • 98€

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Assessment only


"I am really happy working with you and I have a big respect for your orthodontic knowledge"


—  Marcus, Switzerland


Bernerstrasse 11

5400 Baden



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