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Dentists helping Dentists succeed with clear aligner treatments

Clinical Confidence

Your Benefits:

  • Free Case Evaluation

  • Customised Treatment Planning

  • Predictable Treatment Outcomes

  • Save Time & Money

  • Online Mentoring

All provided by skilled dentists and orthodontists to ensure realistic, safe, and predictable treatment outcomes.

Aligner systems supported by AlignerService:

Invisalign, ClearCorrect, Spark, SureSmile, Angel Aligners & TrioClear

Reception with Helle Hatt DDS writing a prescription form while smiling

Remove the uncertainty

Many dentists experience a sense of insecurity in relation to aligner treatments. 

It can be the diagnostics, orthodontic treatment planning, digital correction or the clinical workflow that is not 100% mastered, which can lead to a feeling of insecurity. 


Others are challenged by a costly workflow, often with a need for many revisions. 


But it doesn't have to be that way! 


A dedicated team of aligner experts, consisting of experienced dentists and orthodontists, guarantee realistic, safe and reliable treatment results when you use AlignerService.

Why not:

  • Free up time 

  • Improve your profitability 

  • Achieve clinical confidence

  • Learn from experts with experience from more than 30.000 clear aligner treatment plans. 


Try it out by following these simple steps:

  1. Connect us with your case and receive expert advice within 24 hours. 

  2. Fill out the form below and follow the 3 step guide, we send you, to initiate the process. 

Thank you for your submission. An email has been send to you with additional instructions

How start

Struggling to select a treatment planning provider?


Trust is key, and we comprehend your concerns.

AlignerService currently assist over 1500 dentists and orthodontists across 19 countries globally, having created more than 32.000 successful treatment plans.

To address any queries or doubts you may have, we encourage you to reach out to us via email. Don't hesitate – simply click the button below to email us now. We're here to help!

Dentist and aligner expert Helle Hatt DDS


Computer Store

It's easy.



  1. Upload the patient data to your doctor portal.

  2. Write us an email


  1. Within 24 hours a dedicated expert dentist will index your case for free as: simple, moderate, complex or referral. 

  2. Your dedicated dentist will work out a treatment plan in accordance to your preferences. 

  3. We fill out your prescription form, based on the diagnostic data we have available (Your description, photos and IO scans/impressions)

  4. We perform all corrections in the ClinCheck®/Setup, idealise the plan, the sequence, the movements, the attachments/engagers, the anchorage, the IPR, etc. 

  5. We send you an email when your plan is ready for your approval.

  6. Throughout the entire treatment proces we support you and your team.

A dedicated expert will help develop and review your clear aligner treatment plan.


We ensure you receive a comprehensive treatment plan, identify challenging movements, maximize efficiency, and avoid treatment pitfalls.


Helle Hatt DDS AlignerService

Ensuring seamless and profitable operations for your dental practice is essential. 

Embracing clear aligner treatments aligns with professional standards. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that becoming an orthodontist requires 3-4 years of rigorous training, and the complexity involved should not be underestimated.

By collaborating with an online clear aligner expert, you can benefit from comprehensive case evaluations, personalized ortho-restorative treatment plans, Digital Smile Designs, optimized ClinChecks®/setups, and ongoing guidance for you and your team throughout the entire treatment process. 

Rest assured, our planning team comprises ONLY dentists and orthodontists, ensuring dedicated support tailored to your unique requirements.

By adopting these measures, you will achieve:
Clinical confidence
Gain clinical confidence and excel in all types of clear aligner treatments – with biologically safe, realistic, and predictable outcomes that boost profitability.


Whether you prefer Invisalign, ClearCorrect, Spark or Sure Smile, AlignerService has got you covered.
Expert Help
Our expert help comes from seasoned dentists with extensive orthodontic experience, not technicians or supporters. 

Experience an efficient and streamlined process without unnecessary waiting times.


Delegate the majority of your clear aligner workflow to your team with our help, freeing up valuable chair time, enhancing profitability, and making dentistry more enjoyable.
Dedicated support

At AlignerService, we offer dedicated support from a dentist or orthodontist of your choice, ensuring consistent personalized assistance whenever you or your team require it.


Enjoy predictability in your clear aligner treatments, as AlignerService helps you achieve planned outcomes consistently.

Profitable results

Benefit from profitable results backed by our extensive experience training 1800+ dentists and collaborating with 1500+ dental practices in 19 different countries.


Our training programs offer clinical confidence, predictable treatment outcomes, and increased case acceptance rates through improved patient communication.


AlignerService is here to elevate your clear aligner journey and help you thrive in your dental practice.


Do you wish to enhance your expertise and knowledge about clear aligners?

Are you seeking ways to make your dental practice more profitable?

With AlignerService, you'll gain access to a personal expert who will be readily available to provide clinical and technical advice whenever you need it.

From offering clinical tips & tricks to assisting with comprehensive treatment planning, we are here to support you every step of the way. Together, we'll help you achieve your professional goals and ensure success in your clear aligner treatments.

Jesper Hatt DDS training a dental team member


As dentists and orthodontists, we have been actively involved in working with clear aligners since 2008, accumulating extensive experience and expertise in the field.

Leading our team is Dr. Helle Hatt, who has been a clinical advisor for both Invisalign and Clear Correct at Straumann, highlighting her exceptional knowledge and contribution to the industry.

Furthermore, our team comprises accomplished orthodontists and former Invisalign diamond providers. Their outstanding credentials and extensive experience add even more depth and expertise to our services, ensuring that we deliver top-notch support and guidance to dental practices worldwide. With this wealth of knowledge, we are fully equipped to assist you in achieving success and excellence in clear aligner treatments.

With our collective knowledge and passion, we take pride in supporting dental practices across 19 diverse countries, empowering them to excel in clear aligner treatments and deliver outstanding results to their patients.



Helle Hatt Business Portrait


Founder, Consultant & Dentist

  • Former clinical advisor for Invisalign with responsibility for Scandinavia

  • Formerly responsible for ClearCorrect clinical support in Europe

  • Has trained orthodontists at universities across all of Europe

  • Has helped over 1500 dentists with more than 16.000 treatment plans.

  • Trained 2000+ colleagues in clinical use of clear aligners

  • Has helped improve most of the major aligner companies aligner software.

  • Clear aligner expert - technically and clinically

  • 10+ years of clinical experience with clear aligners

  • Private practice owner for 10 years

Direct phone number: (+41) 79 174 30 03‬

Tandlæge Jesper Hatt DDS


Co-founder, Consultant & Dentist

  • International keynote speaker

  • International KaVo key opinion leader for 9 years

  • Advising dentists and the dental industry since 2012

  • 10 years of private practice ownership

  • 250+ hours of post graduate education at the pankey institute

  • Practice development & Patient communication

Direct phone number: (+41) 78 268 00 78


  • Both solo oractices & large clinics 

  • Dentists with 0-40 years of experience

  • Orthodontists

  • DSO practices

  • Universities

  • The dental industry

We currently have customers in 19 different countries:

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Hongkong, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania, India, USA, Canada, Australia


Bernerstrasse 11

5400 Baden


Thank you for contacting AlignerService regarding your treatment planning needs. We appreciate your interest in our services and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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