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Get all you need to get a great start. 


This package includes: 

- A handled titanium mirror including a handle

- Two 1/4 self retracting retractors for ideal occlusal photos

- One set of short universal retractors


With this set your team will be able to take a full series of dental photos within 2-3 minutes without assistance. 


Handled titanium occlusal mirror

Single sided mirror for occlusal dental photograpy. 

Includes straight handle. 


1/4 self retracting retractors

Get ideal occlusal photos. 

Let the patient hold this retractor with one hand.

While you hold the mirror and the camera. 


With the standard short retractor and a handled mirror. 

You will have all the equipment needed to take a full series of dental photos in 2 minutes without assistance. 

67 mm. x 98 mm. 


The package contains 2 sets of retractors.


Short universal retractors

Lip retractor for dental photography.

Short with ideal size for mirrorless buccal photos. 

Retractor& mirror set

SKU: 004
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