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Mastering clear aligners

With 26 different themes

Interactive learning based on your own cases

And a limited number of attendees

You are guaranteed the best conditions for online learning. 

Do as hundrets of other doctors from 19 different countries. 

Join our online study clubs on a monthly basis.

It's hard to learn and implement complex orthodontic knowledge at a fast pace when you practice general dentistry at the same time. 


Once a month, participants meet online for an hour.

The study clubs are an exclusive offer for doctors using Invisalign, ClearCorrect, SureSmile or Spark. 

The interactive teaching is based on a new theme each month.

By dividing the program into 1-hour segments, we ensure a steady progression and implementation of very complex content.

The teaching is based on the participants' own cases and facilitated by an expert from Aligner Service or a guest facilitator.

Your first online study club is free of charge - try it out

Below you can see a sample of Online Study Club topics.

  • Crowding

  • Spacing

  • Deep bite / open bite

  • Predictability

  • Anchorage

  • Clinical photos

  • Class II

  • Engagers

  • IPR, extractions & "round tripping"

  • Skeletal changes & surgery

  • Expansion

  • Delegation (Business)

  • Patient communication - treatment acceptance (Business)

  • Workflow improvements (Business)

  • Trouble shooting

  • Setup analysis - quality protocol

  • Functional occlusion and CR

  • Aesthetic analysis

  • Retention

  • Molar uprighting

  • Class III

  • Crossbite

  • Branding & Marketing (Business)

  • Retractions

  • Incisal edge bonding

  • Controls, compliance, hygiene, monitoring (team training)

  • Overcorrections

  • Additional aligners

Monthly program

  • Online Study Club

    Every month
    Valid for 24 months
    • Monthly Online Study Club
    • Based on your own cases
    • Step by step guidance
    • 26 different themes
    • Expert instructors
    • Acces to exclusive events
    • 35% discount on study clubs


"In addition to the study club giving me more general knowledge about treatment with clear aligners, it also gives me inspiration and certainty in the treatment of my cases!

I am very happy that you give us this opportunity for coaching!" 


"It is extremely rewarding to participate in the online study club.

Dr. Helle Hatt is extremely well versed in both the technical and clinical aspects of orthodontics with clear aligners. She has the answers to most things.

Very instructive to be able to share cases and discuss both my own and the other participants' considerations and questions."


"I thought it was a very good study group. 

Helle has some very sharp observations. She is very good at communicating in an easy and understandable way. 

I learned to understand the measurement scheme better. I feel that I am better equipped to put myself in the driver's seat when I need to take control of treatment." 

"What I like about the study group is that we are all "equal". Everyone dares to offer both questions and answers. I liked that it was a small group where everyone could easily speak. And the fact that it only lasted an hour made it very effective and intense.”

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