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Di., 22. Okt.



Bergen - Module 1: SmartStart

Dentists & Dental hygienists/dental assistants. A great practical ClearCorrect workshop for practices that want to start treating patients biologically realistic, safe and predictable with ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect powered by

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Bergen - Module 1: SmartStart
Bergen - Module 1: SmartStart

Wann & wo?

22. Okt. 2024, 09:00 – 17:00 MESZ

Bergen, Bergen, Norway


Intended for: Dentists, hygienists & dental assistants

Category:  ClearCorrect

Language: English

Start treatments with ClearCorrect safe and predictably.

Register yourself and your team for the course and get the tools you need to achieve clinical confidence, as well as efficient and cost-effective workflows with clear aligners in your dental practice.


  • Starting with confidence
  • Competent diagnostics
  • Safe treatment planning
  • Predictable treatment outcomes
  • Team delegation: what, how and when
  • Profitable workflows
  • Clinical tips and tricks
  • Trouble shooting!

Experience how you can build efficient and stress free workflows. Without compromising patient safety.

This course gives you and your team a practical step-by-step guide to help you achieve the results you want.

Remember to bring your hygienist or dental assistant!

Why? Based on experience from previous courses. We know, that when one or more team members join you and realise why and how you want your workflow to be - AND define the goals of the practive with you. You will reach your goals much faster due to a common commitment.

Do you seek great and safe results? - Then bring your team with you.


To ensure you the most relevant outcome, we ask you to bring the following: 

  • A smartphone
  • Photo mirrors and retractors (If you don't have any. Don't bring any)
  • A light source for smartphone photography (If you don't have any. Don't bring any)
  • Polymerisation lamp
  • Your favourite composite (capsule and flow, incl. dispensing gun)
  • A simple composite instrument
  • Good mood


  • Tuition, training materials, lunch, snacks, soft drinks and fun


9.00 Foundation for succes

10.00 Requirements for proper diagnostics and treatment planning            

            - Photos

            - IO-scan/impressions

            - X-rays

            - Data handling in the doctor portal

11.00 Short  clinical photography workshop

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Doctor portal

13.20  Diagnostic prerequisites & Case selection

14.30 Treatment planning

            - Challenges with clear aligners

            - Danger signals

            - How to achieve realistic, safe and predictable treatment results

15.30 Clinical handling

            - Engagers

            - Hands-on Engager bonding

            - IPR

            - Delivery

            - Tracking and corrections

            - Restorative finishing

            - Retention

16.30 Implementation and next steps

            - Patient identification

            - Tracking

            - Follow up

            - Finances

            - Next steps

            - Evaluation

17.00 End of course.


Jesper Hatt DDS

International speaker

Private practice owner for 12 years

Treating patients with clear aligners since 2008.

International key opinionleader in 9 years on digital workflows for kaVo.

Co-founder of AlignerService providing ClearCorrect support and advice to dentists in 15 different countries.

This is a collaborative event between Straumann ClearCorrect and

Together we strive to give you great experiences with ClearCorrect.

Note. We may take photos for future marketing during the course.


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