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Successful Treatment Outcomes with Clear Aligners

Unlock seamless patient treatments with clear aligners: Discover a comprehensive guide to incorporating a 'Plug and Play' system in your dental practice for enhanced clinical confidence and safe clear aligner treatment outcomes.

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Clinical confidence

90% of dentists who have an interest in starting treating patients with clear aligners feel they lack clinical confidence. As a consequence, 90% of all dentists fail to treat their patients.

Initially, this trend might appear reassuring, a sign that colleagues are self-aware and prioritize patient well-being. However, a deeper examination uncovers a series of challenges that cannot be ignored.

Primarily, the landscape of adult orthodontics is undergoing a seismic shift, with an escalating demand for clear aligner treatments. Yet, this surge in demand has inadvertently given rise to a chasm within the market. Opportunistic companies, armed with peripheral knowledge of dentistry and orthodontics, are swooping in to offer quick-fix solutions – the so-called "do it yourself" or "direct to consumer" clear aligner treatments. A disconcerting truth emerges: these entities are simply incapable of upholding the rigorous standards of professional orthodontic care.

Additionally, this leads to a scenario where numerous patients are denied access to orthodontic interventions, consequently preventing them from attaining their best possible oral health.

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How complex is it?

Theoretical and practical skills necessary for performing treatments with fixed appliances and clear aligners are essentially identical. Both approaches are rooted in orthodontic principles. Whether the technique involves plastic aligners or traditional brackets and wires, the teeth's response remains unaffected, as they adhere to the same physical and biological mechanisms. This underscores that a clear aligner treatment mandates an equivalent degree of insight and meticulous planning as a treatment involving comprehensive fixed appliances, even if the focus is solely on aligning the anterior teeth.

As dental practitioners, enrolling in a clear aligner beginners' course frequently leads to a sense of disappointment. It becomes evident that the instruction provided falls considerably short of equipping us with the necessary theoretical and practical proficiency essential for initiating orthodontic treatments. This realization becomes even more pronounced when we consider our aspiration to confidently handle the treatment process ourselves. This sentiment persists even after participating in multiple courses.

We realise then that there is a reason it takes 3-4 years to become an orthodontist.

Seeking external help in the complex field of orthodontic patient care

In-house aligner expert online

Taking care of orthodontic patients is one of the most complex disciplines in dentistry. It requires extra training even for handling simple treatments and their possible outcomes.

That's why it's important to think about getting assistance when you're just starting. Also, consider where and how to begin the treatment process for the best results.

Master the workflow first in combination with external help

Before you dive into treating patients with clear aligners, consider a different approach to gaining knowledge.

Rather than feeling the pressure to become a complete expert in using clear aligners right from the beginning, focus on mastering the step-by-step process of the specific clear aligner system you've chosen. And to make this journey smoother, seek guidance from an external expert who specializes in the exact clear aligner system you're interested in using. This combination of hands-on practice and external support will set you up for success.

Clear Aligner Expert Defined

A clear aligner expert is always a dentist. The dentist can come from either an orthodontic or dental background. What sets them apart is their rich blend of in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience with the specific clear aligner system you're aiming to incorporate into your dental practice.

Orthodontists are skilled in making accurate diagnoses, comprehending the intricacies of diverse treatment requirements, and crafting effective treatment strategies. Some general dentists have gained this knowledge through numerous courses and lots of clinical experience. However, a hurdle emerges – not all orthodontists or general dentists are well-versed in the mechanisms by which different aligner systems transmit forces to the teeth.

Additionally, many might not be adept at modifying digital treatment plans prepared by aligner companies, which is crucial for ensuring consistent and reliable treatment outcomes.

For a dentist or orthodontist to attain true proficiency, they need to have dealt with at least 500 orthodontic treatment plans and participated in an equal number of clinical treatments. This substantial hands-on engagement is the hallmark of a seasoned clear aligner expert. Combine this with industry insights and you have a really competent personal expert in your team.

Understanding the Role of Industry Support

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When facing straightforward challenges with your aligner treatments, tapping into the resources provided by the aligner manufacturer's support team can be beneficial.

However, it's essential to recognize that there are legal restrictions on the level of specific assistance the clear aligner manufacturer's support team can offer for individual treatments. Their focus is generally limited to addressing the particular issue you present to them, without a comprehensive view of the entire treatment plan based on thorough orthodontic diagnostics.

For this reason, aligning yourself with an independent expert who isn't employed by an aligner company proves to be immensely advantageous. This expert can provide comprehensive guidance, unrestricted by corporate ties, and can even assume the responsibility of communicating with the aligner company and directly modifying your digital treatment plan. This collaborative approach empowers you to craft an all-encompassing ortho-restorative treatment plan that's grounded in realism, safety, and predictability.

Nurturing Your Initial 50-100 Treatments

Embarking on your initial 50-100 clear aligner treatments with the guidance of an expert sets the stage for a confident journey. This support enables you to establish a solid foundation and focus on seamlessly integrating a practical and effective clear aligner workflow into your practice. This workflow hinges on ensuring that your entire team is well-versed in the treatment process – who is involved, what steps are taken, and the underlying reasons for each decision. This collective knowledge forms the backbone of a cohesive and efficient practice.

Overcoming the Primary Hurdle in Dental Practices

The integration of clear aligner therapy into a dental practice introduces a range of novel responsibilities. Among these new tasks, clinical photography emerges as a major obstacle universally faced by dental practices.

In the realm of orthodontic treatment planning, clinical photos hold a pivotal role, particularly within the context of clear aligner therapy. These photos form the bedrock upon which treatment strategies are constructed, making them an indispensable component of your treatment plan.

For those seeking deeper insights into the realm of dental photography, including efficient ways to empower your dental assistant to capture a complete series of photos within just 2 minutes, unassisted, there's a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks waiting in the following blogposts:

Dental photography - Free online course

Furthermore we will release a free online dental photography training course in november 2023.

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Simplify Your Journey for You and Your Team

Embarking on your journey with remote guidance from a seasoned expert is as straightforward as operating an iPad for the first time. Just like the seamless functionality of an iPad, this solution seamlessly integrates into your workflow, making it intuitive, hassle-free, and reliable.

If you find yourself without a readily available local expert to consult, AlignerService is at your service. We boast a team of skilled dentists and orthodontists who possess the precise expertise you need. Our experts are meticulously chosen based on the criteria we highlighted earlier.

Successful Treatment Outcomes with Clear Aligners

Drawing from our extensive experience assisting over 2000 dental offices in commencing clear aligner treatments, our top recommendation for a triumphant integration of clear aligners into your dental practice is to initiate the process as follows:

  1. Secure a seasoned, dedicated external clear aligner expert with a track record of more than 500 treatments using your chosen clear aligner system.

  2. Leverage your expert's support to:

    1. Perform case selection within 24 hours to maintain patient engagement.

    2. Collaborate with you on creating comprehensive ortho-restorative treatment plans according to your treatment objectives.

    3. Fine-tune the digital setup/clincheck to be biologically realistic, safe and predictable.

    4. Provide ongoing clinical guidance for you and your team throughout the treatment process.

  3. Define roles and responsibilities for each team member, outlining when and why they contribute.

  4. Lay out a plan for how you will implement a clear aligner workflow in the practice.

  5. Display this plan prominently for your team's reference.

  6. Establish achievable goals, sub-goals and a realistic timeline

  7. Utilize a visual board to track goal achievements and sub-goal completions.

  8. Deliberate on how to celebrate each milestone along the journey

  9. Follow the plan and celebrate the successes before setting new goals.

By adopting this roadmap, you're setting yourself up to smoothly navigate the integration of clear aligners with self-assurance, effectiveness, and a definite path toward success.

Counting the Costs of Implementation

Embarking on new endeavors requires both time and financial resources, and incorporating clear aligners is no exception. Engaging an external expert comes with its own associated costs. However, consider this as an investment that yields substantial returns as it ultimately saves valuable chair time and streamlines the treatment process.

The advantages of having an external expert are multi-fold:

  1. Fewer aligners are typically required, thanks to more precise treatment planning.

  2. The likelihood of errors and complications is minimized, reducing potential malpractice risks.

  3. You avoid initiating treatment on patients who should have been referred to specialists.

With the right help a dental practice can achieve successful treatment outcomes with clear aligners and increase profits on an average aligner treatment from 14% to 56%. If an external expert is used correctly in the clear aligner workflow.

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