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Why adult patients are the ideal candidates for clear aligner treatment

Clear aligner treatments have revolutionised orthodontic care, offering a discreet and convenient alternative to traditional braces. While these treatments are suitable for patients of all ages, there are key considerations that make adult patients particularly well-suited for clear aligner therapy.

In this blog post I will help you identify the ideal candidates for clear aligner treatment.

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Keep it simple

Unlike children, adults have completed much of their craniofacial growth, which significantly reduces concerns about treatment timing.

This means that when treating adults, general practitioners can focus more on addressing existing malocclusions and less on potential growth-related complications. The stability of adult craniofacial structures also contributes to more predictable treatment outcomes.

Growth intervention

Conversely, in children, the timing of orthodontic treatment is paramount due to ongoing craniofacial growth.

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Early intervention is often necessary to guide proper growth and development, as well as to prevent the progression of orthodontic issues. Orthodontic interventions during this developmental stage must carefully consider the current state of skull and dental arch development.

In such cases, it's essential to analyze the existing craniofacial growth patterns and dental arch morphology, and plan orthodontically guided growth modifications alongside achieving an ideal occlusion. This ensures that treatment not only corrects malocclusions but also promotes favorable craniofacial growth, leading to optimal treatment outcomes.

Our recommendation

Proper case selection is essential in clear aligner therapy. General practitioners should carefully evaluate each patient's individual case and refer complicated or surgical cases to an orthodontist for specialised care.

Orthodontists have the expertise and training to manage complex cases and surgical interventions, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes for patients with more challenging orthodontic needs.

Set yourself up for success

By focusing on adult patients and referring complicated cases to orthodontists, general practitioners can deliver high-quality orthodontic care that meets the unique needs and preferences of their patient population. With clear aligner therapy, adult patients can enjoy the benefits of a straighter smile and improved oral health, leading to greater confidence and overall well-being.

Keep learning

There are still lots of challenges related to diagnostics, case selection, treatment planning, optimisation of the virtual treatment plan, the actual treatment, the post-ortho restorative treatment and retention in adult patients. But by restricting yourself to this segment of your patients it is easier to ensure great treatment results.

As a general practitioner specialising in clear aligner treatments myself. I constantly remind myself, that there is in fact a reason it takes 3-4 years to become an orthodontist. I find it would be arrogant of me to believe, that I would be able to acquire the same level of competence by taking a few hands-on courses, participate in a couple of online trainings, read some books and spend a limited amount of time in the practice on clear aligner treatments.

However I do believe that by seeking out help from a mentor to select the right patients and coach me through all the other aspects of orthodontics. I will be able to treat my patients better.

Ideal candidate for clear aligner treatment

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